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Since I use the titles of toons for her journal entires, I thought I'd keep a track of them in this post, and also give links if you want to watch them.

Aren't you sweet... )

Relationship Chart

Wednesday, 3 July 2030 19:13
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Relationship Chart
Will update when new info comes.Tag this post with the character you want commented on, with the icon you'd prefer to be used. System Is As Follows: X - Dislike/Hate/Has never met/Neutral ♥ - Standard//Acquaintance/People you talk to ♥ ♥ - People considered as friends/Like to talk with ♥ ♥ ♥ - People considered as good friends/Like to talk with a lot ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ - BFFs/Crush ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ - Family/Dating/Mutually like each other ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ - In-love//Engaged/Married Isn't it romantic, Daisy? Being protected by three dashing musketeers, and the little one is so handsome.  ) Last Updated : 08/24/11

How's My Driving?

Wednesday, 3 July 2030 19:12
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How's My Driving?

You know these go! Comments can be anon'd and screened. Thank you in advance!
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 [Today in Goldenrod, Minnie is cheerfully walking through the city as her Glameow, Blair, walks by her side. She turns on the Pokegear, video, no longer dressed in anything too fancy, just a simply dress and a simple smile.]

Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing well! Thank you to everyone who attended our knighting ceremony, I couldn't have asked it to go better! But all good things must come to an end, so I'll probably be returning to my home in Olivine when September ends. Danny, I hope you've been taking good care of the house?

Oh, how time does fly... I bet it'll be Halloween before you know it, and then Christmas, and then New Years... There are so many delightful holidays coming up. But I thought of adding one more to the mix, thanks to a dear friend. Since the knighting ceremony went so well... one day, in the months ahead, maybe we should have a princess day!

Wouldn't it be marvelous~! All us girls could wear beautiful dresses, and I could teach them all the fine points of being a princess! Proper dancing, etiquette, and then we can all trade stories about love and romance!

[She's getting a little too into it now, grabbing her skirt and twirling around - while Blair frantically meows and tries to avoid being stepped on.]

And then we can all hear about the famous princesses in fairy tales, like Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty...

((OOC: just so her friends in goldenrod and olivine know, she'll stay in goldenrod until the 30th, and should be back in Olivine by Oct 7th, unless someone wants her later/sooner/whatevs. this is more for keeping track and making sure i don't forget orz))
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[It's Video, held by Satin the Kirlia, but feel free to do Action in Goldenrod as well! For you see, Minnie is in the Goldenrod Department Store, though she's behind a curtain due to getting changed.]

Hello everyone! I do hope you're all having a good day. I just thought I'd ask for your time, and ask for your opinion.

[She shuffles around behind the curtain...]

Sometime in the fall, once Ventus returns here to Goldenrod, we'll be holding a knighting ceremony for him and Xion. Since I am royalty, I'll be knighting them, along with some real knights we have here. And I figured I should dress up nicely, so... what do you think?

[She pulls back the curtain, and steps out...

cinderelly, cinderelly, night and day it's cinderelly... )
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 [Video/Action for the Mouse Olivine Household! Minnie has turned on the gear on purpose, and is sporting the biggest smile she's ever worn since the hair change. The PokeGear is on her desk, as she's too excited to keep still.]

Hello everyone! I just have the most wonderful news to share! I had to tell all of my great friends once I woke up!

[She's in her Olivine bedroom, and two Pokemon - Cleo the Octillery and Satin the Kirlia - are on her bed, tossing a Mickey Mouse plush back and forth. Hayate may recognize it as the one he made for her long ago.]

A week ago, I got all my stolen Pokemon back! Now we're a whole family again! And just when I was ready to welcome them home... I went home!

[Now she catches the Mickey plush, swinging it around.]

I got to see Donald and Goofy... and Mickey! My beloved, sweet, handsome, darling Mickey... he came to my rescue! I could live off this new memory for years and years!

[She giggles and kisses the Mickey plush right on the nose.]
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 [Video/Text/Action for the Olivine Pokemon Center! Except that the video is at a pretty odd angle. No, Yen Sid isn't up to his tricks again. In fact, there are orange and red tentacles trying to type out on the Pokegear.]

Have been away from Mistress for long time. Was taken by scary fat man with bad breath.

[hey, it's Cleo the Octillary, formally stolen by Russia but she's now back to Minnie! and... it's kind of being squished by Minnie. As in Minnie's laying face-up on the floor, on top of Cleo.]

Is this normal for Mistress now? ... And why did Mistress's hair change?

((OOC: Minnie is being canon-updated to her scene in KH3D! She'll be back in a week!))
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[Video/Action for those at the Olivine household! Backdated to this morning. Also, trying something new with my action brackets. Anyway!

Yensid the Medicham is up to his usual shenanigans, playing with the Pokegear as he sits on Minnie's bed. She yawns adorably, getting up, but her head can't be seen by the camera angle just yet

Mmm... good morning... Oh! Yensid, what have I told you about playing with my Pokegear? Naughty boy.

[She yawns again, gives him a tap on the head, and then heads for her vanity mirror. Though you still can't fully see her, you all know what she looks like by now - something like this. She's dressed in a cute frilly nightgown, and hasn't seen her reflection yet.]

Terribly sorry about that, everyone... but I hope your day is doing well. After all the scary business we've been enduring, it's nice to just have a calm, cool, morn....

[She abruptly stops. Yen Sid finally looks up from the screen, and his eyes widen. Then... Minnie begins to scream.]

My hair! My hair! What's happened to my hair?!

[Yensid holds up the Pokegear so everyone can see. Minnie's usual long locks of black are now bright white - snow white, you could say. Ah, the tragedy of future ice powers.]


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[Video/Action for those in Olivine!

Minnie is sitting on the front porch of her home/inn, with Walt the Charizard sleepily resting his head on her lap. She strokes his 'horns' as the Pokegear turns on.]

Hello, everyone. I hope you're all having a good day. I was just talking with a new friend, and she made me want to do 'that' again... By which I mean, share fairy tales! My home has so many fairy tales, and I love telling them to others. So if you'd like to hear one, just say so, and I'll spin a story with you!
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[Minnie has purposely turned the Video on today, pausing in her Olivine chores to talk to her friends.]

Hello, everyone! I hope you're all having a magical day! My little home is in tip-top shape again, and it sounds like things are peaceful once more in the land of Johto and Kanto.

Now, the real reason why I'm calling is that thanks to my dear friends Ventus and Xion, I've realized even though I've almost been here for two years, I still haven't told people the real, detailed story of how my darling Mickey and I met! I thought it'd be a nice little story to share.

In my home world, the Disney Kingdom, I was the princess. I was expected to marry another member of royalty, or at least someone with a high status. I also had many knights to protect me and the kingdom... although back then, we called them musketeers. One day, I was nearly killed by a falling safe! I was so frightened that I demanded the Captain of the Musketeers, Pete, to specially assign me bodyguards until I could feel safe again.

So he brought me three musketeers to meet and approve of. First was Donald Duck, who would later became the royal mage. Then it was Goofy, who would later take Pete's place as Captain. Then... the shortest one between them, the most handsome man I'd ever seen in my life, he stepped forward... Our eyes locked, and... and...

[She dreamily sighs, leaning back so far it's really only a miracle she's still standing... And, uh... she appears to have drifted off. You may need to snap her back to reality. For those interested in Action, Minnie was supposed to be sweeping front porch of her home, but got so caught up in reminiscing that she's dancing with her broom, pretending it's her king. Walt the Charizard is napping on the sand nearby.]

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[As per the past Fourth Wall events, Minnie is being teleported all over Johto, from Olivine, to Goldenrod, islands and forests, so wherever you wanna be, there she is. Also like the past, she's returned to her little cute mouse form. So you're thinking, just like the past times, she's going to be in a difficult situation and needs someone to rescue her, right?

Ferret that noise! This time, her highness is defending herself!]

I cast you out! Pearl!

[There had been some strange looking creatures ready to pounce on her from all sides - but now they're being blown back by her, as she throws light blue glowing orbs at them, blasting them away not unlike Team Rocket's famous trio. She appears to be defending some odd looking yet adorable Pokemon behind her, as she's unwilling to move from her spot, lest they be attacked. Her highness is willing and able to fight, defend, aide, in video, action, whatever, wherever, whenever!]

This invasion of everything at once, again... just what in all the worlds has happened?

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[Video/Action for Olivine, especially the home that has definitely seen better days by this point. Minnie is quite busy at their hand-made house. With what, you may ask? Well, as typical, Yen Sid the Medicham is playing with the Pokegear, so when it flickers on, you see...

just a spoonfull of sugar )
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[Minnie was supposed to be back in Olivine by now, but when Danny was hurt, that kinda postponed her trip. When she turns on the Pokegear's Video, she's sitting in the Center, and it's obvious she's been crying for quite some time. she swallows, trying to control herself.]

If... if anyone has gotten or gets a mysterious package that doesn't say who it was from, do not touch it! Get away from it as soon as possible! Someone did this to a good boy named Danny Fenton... it was a small bomb. He's been badly burned, but he's in the Center, being well taken care of... He's goin to be okay.

[She trembles, and then breaks down again, putting the gear aside to bury her face in her hands.]

Who could do such a terrible thing...

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[Video - Minnie is in Ecruteak, holding up her gear as she walks around.]

Hello, everyone! This is a very important announcement, so I would like you all to pay attention. As some of you may not know... [She turns the gear towards the damaged theater.] ... the poor dears, the Kimono Girls, were recently attacked and their theater was ripped apart. The people behind it got away, but that doesn't mean we can't help out. With that in mind, I have a solution to help the girls!

[She whips the gear back to show her face.] In ten days, my friends and I are going to hold a play, right here in Ecruteak! We'll be performing the classic tale of Snow White live over everyone's Pokegears! It'll be a fundraiser, as we'll be asking for donations throughout the show, and all proceeds will go right to the Kimono Girls. But we can't do it alone! I'm asking for as many volunteers as we can get, to show our support for the girls!

I'll be more than happy to fly you in so you can lend a hand! And we're going to need actors and actresses to fill in the roles! The Magic Mirror, the Evil Queen, Prince Charming, The Huntsman, Snow White, and of course all seven darling little dwarfs! Oooh, this is going to be so much fun~!

((OOC: For further details, see here.))

50 (On Ice)

Friday, 16 March 2012 13:24
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[The Video clicks on, with Minnie standing outside of the Saffron City Gym. She recently took on Sabrina, in order to get Fly for... well, she's just about to talk about that. Scrooge the Noctowl is perched on her shoulder, proudly holding the badge in his beak.]

Hello, everyone. My friends may have noticed that for several months now, I keep going back and forth between Goldenrod and Saffron, in an attempt to get my stolen Pokemon back. But... I've come to realize that I've been focusing on what I lost so much, I've been neglecting those I have. I must go back to Olivine... to the house that Mickey wanted. It's where I belong. And I know that the ones lost to me are in good hands.

But that doesn't mean I'll never go anywhere! Now that my Pokemon can fly, I can visit anyone anywhere! All you have to do is drop me a line, and I'd be more than happy to come and see you.

[For those who want Action, you can catch Minnie doing some last minute shopping at the Pokemart before she's ready to go.]

[Private - Ivan.]

Thank you for taking care of them. Until the time comes when you change your mind and return them to me, I know I can trust you with them. I won't tell anyone what you did.


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[Now on the right day, s-sob With the Pokemon singing to encourage happiness, one might think someone already as cheerful as Minnie wouldn’t be affected. And you’d be wrong. She’s not only affected, but in fact due to her Disney nature, she is full on DRUNK on the good vibes the Pokemon are sending. Maybe she accepted it way too easily because some of her good friends have gone home. Maybe she was already in the lovey dovey mood because of the holidays. Or maybe Pokemon are just that strong and freaking weird. Anyway, what are the consequences?

Minnie is now going back and forth between Saffron and Goldenrod, cleaning up everyone’s homes and other buildings, and pretty much everything in her path. She doesn’t wait for an invitation, she outright invades! With a broom in her hand, she’s encouraging her Pokemon to help along – Noctowl, Glameow, Skorupi, Dragonite, and Medicham – and finally, perhaps worst of all, she’s singing rounds of ‘Spoonful of Sugar,’ and ‘Whistle While You Work’. This might get annoying after a while, but you try telling her that. She’s going in every building, in every room, on every path and street, cleaning up to her heart’s content.

So you can have Action in either city, no matter where you are, or you could watch the insanity via Video, since Yen Sid the Medicham still likes using the Pokegear to point out how weird his mistress is.]
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[The Video is rushed as Minnie hurriedly turns it on, standing outside in the chilly weather of Saffron. Scrooge, now an evolved Noctowl, flaps behind her with great confusion, wondering why his owner is so excited.]

Oh, everyone, I can't believe I almost forgot! I was battling some wild Pokemon with Scrooge here, and then they used Attract, and that reminded me about next month - Valentine's Day! With the training and helping birthdays, I really lost track of time. But now that I remembered, I'm back on track, and I'm ready to get started. So if you want some Valentine's chocolate, just let me know, and I'll start cooking!

[Scrooge calmly lands on her shoulder, and nudges her cheek with a wing.]

Huh? What? Did I forget something else?

[Scrooge gives her the Pokemon equivalent expression of :| ]

... Oh! That's right! Some people here might not know what Valentine's Day even is! [She looks back the Pokegear now doubly excited.] Why, it'll be their first Valentine's Day! Heeheehee! it's a special holiday on February 14th, next month! It's a day to celebrate love and romance... You make special chocolates for those you hold closest in your heart, and if you have a sweetheart, you spend the day doing wonderfully romantic things. it's one of my favorite holidays~!

[For those interested in Action, Minnie and Scrooge will be in and out of stores and the mall to buy baking ingredients.]


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